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For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Banana.

A nabana.
The Magic Banana that Flub Nugget discovered and studied.
Warning: this article is bananas.

“Bananaman... doo doo do doo doo!”

~ Real lyrics to 'Munamuna'

A banana is the symbol of this website. It is completely illogical. There is a skull with freakish yellow eyes staring at me. It is now devouring my leg. Bananas are yellow, like the skull's eyes. Haha isn't that funny? I'm now devoured and this page please be finished by anyone named Yoshi Guurgglleee..... pop! eht lluks si ni lortnoc won. Now there is no banana.

Banana Inspiration[edit | edit source]

It was the banana that inspired Leonardo davinci to plan out the flying machine however stupid Nicolas cage went back in time and took his ideas from him with his hair flicks acquired from the dark lord of the universe... Nicolas cage the second

Potassium content of banana[edit | edit source]

The potassium content of bananas is 69420%! Bananas are also slightly radioactive so if you eat a lot you can become FLYING BANANA LORD OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!! They are also radioactive because they have an unstable isotope of potassium but WHO CARES HAHAHAHAHAH

Ahem[edit | edit source]

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring BANANAPHONE!!!!! Banana is the not most planetary planet and Earth is known to reside on banana. Instead of flat sphere, it's shape is bananana.

Did you know?[edit | edit source]

  • Bananananananana is the most common alternative spelling of banana?
  • Bananium is a good source fibre optics?
  • When Timmy eats a banana, he becomes..... potassium overloaded?
  • Bananas are really alien transmitters designed to convert Americans to aishas so that they can not be used as aisha, lenny, or nu mou (also not forgetting blumaroo & lutari) shields in the case of an alien invasion.
  • Bananas are yummy!
  • Bananas taste a lot better when you pretend you're a monkey?
  • Bananas are yellow raisins...
  • Bananas evolved from teddy bears
  • Bananas tend to cause Rheumotoidus poyiomyialimis dystrophy
  • Bananas can be used to summon the devil
  • If you firmly grasp a ripe banana it will pop
  • Bananas have a rich history with the entire world. Irishmen ate them when they ran out of potatoes. Soviet Russia had warehouses of banana chips, but these were just for our true God, Karl Marx.

You didn't, but now you do![edit | edit source]

It's true. DON'T DENT IT!!!!!! Banana is spelled with two h's if u flipp it, then cut it out and crap like that.

Help![edit | edit source]

I have a banana in my pocket and it's happy to edit!

Ban[edit | edit source]

A Banana ban is expected from the prime minister, due to the phallic nature of said object. People eating one in the street will be prosecuted or even shot on site.

Let this be a warning to all depraved banana eaters. (what monster would eat one anyway??)

*Chew* *Chew* *Chew*

I hope they have classes about ban ba n n ana history. My name is Ana and it's the best name ever. I breathe bananas. Bananas are my life. I am married to a ban. I'm happy. I'm HAPpY


I watch you sleep[edit | edit source]

Here be Bananas

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