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Bop to the rhythm, bop bop! Bop boooooooooop. Duna duna duna duna, duna... That's the IllogiPod. Livin' a commericial. You gotta buy our songs, 'cause of the Illogicrats, who are the best, party evaaah (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh).

IllogiPod + iTunes + Subliminal messaging.

The IllogiPod Nano[edit]

It's... like, a smaller version of the IllogiPod so it's like Bop to the rhythm, bop bop! Smaller bop booop! Duna duna duna, and you get it, just smallified

The IllogiPod 2.0[edit]

Does not exist, but if it did, I'd make it have 1MB of extra space for songs, plus batteries included! Colors may vary.

The IllogiPod Touch[edit]

It's like The IllogiPod, but without the buttons, so it's just like the Illogi. Plus the touch, so it's like The IllogiTouch, but we call it The IllogiPod Touch anyway.

Copyright of Illogicopedia. All rights reserved. Batteries not included. Colors may vary. My pie tastes bad.

The UncycloPod[edit]

'Tis evil and satire-like! DON'T BUY IT!

It's a "parody" of the IllogiPod, with satire included and non-included!