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  This section is semi-logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be semi-bored.  
  Semi-Sensible Section  

The logo of Illogibabble.

“Talk about stuff”

Illogibabble is the official forum of Illogicopedia.

Boards[edit | edit source]

  • Illogical Zone: A board dedicated to the Illogicopedia and the various topics it has been known to document.
  • Off Topic: The site’s obligatory LOL SO RANDOM!!! board.
  • The Administrator’s League: This was once the private staff board before it was made public to everyone. Nowadays it mostly consist of admins apologizing for the site’s infamously unstable servers.
  • Logical Section: A board dedicated to serious business.
  • Klingon Corner: A board dedicated to Klingons, because...
  • Department Of Limelight: A board used to vote on which articles should be featured on the front page.
  • Articulartastic Ministry for Articles: A board used to request articles, request a review on an existing article, and request an article be deleted.