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The Illogic Book is not an actual book. Rather, it is a story (actually, it has become more of a collection of stories) full of nonsensical events that takes the form of several web pages. The Illogic Book is on the website Illogicopedia, a site full of nonsense that anyone can edit. In fact, you are reading its preface, and you -- yes, you -- can add a new story to the Illogic Book. In fact, if you do, you will be making the chicken happy. There is no one owner of the Illogic Book, so feel free to add to it, anyone. Boing to you all!

All the stories in this volume are in the same universe despite most of them being contradictory or unrelated. Quite a lot of them are also happening at the same time despite the fact that that makes no sense. Also, all the characters are the same guy/girl except not. Everything is connected and everything ends in one tragic time loop. But you really need to read between the lines to get the TRUE story (just kidding, of course).

The Illogic Book is, in fact EPIC[edit | edit source]


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