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I once was swept into a storm
A whirlwind of fruit punch and brie
A man, his name: Guy Fieri
The punch was cold; the cheese was warm.
I would not, could not, did not flee.

Blue cheese pies flew past my face,
I caught one, ate it on the spot.
It tasted like a tater tot,
One that had won a running race
Or so I thought, or so I thought.

Guy Fieri is a wizard,
Conjured his foods up and down
"I'll take you all to Flavortown!"
He shouts, as a pound of meat of lizard
Collides upon the flavored ground.

A tornado, a hurricane of fish
Met with a tidal wave of chips
As Guy Fieri took a sip
Of soda, the main dish
I end this poem. Guacamole dip.