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This is the Illogic Book but with POEMS duh nuh nuh. A collection of limericks from times past.


by T3canolis

Poem Page
"Of course not" Page 1
"And you're so cool" Page 2
"This is a story" Page 3
"A Limerick about... well... a limerick" Page 4
"A Haiku about a haiku" Page 5
"A Poem About Nothing" Page 6
"An Ode to Mountain Dew" Page 7
"Mute" Page 8
"IRC" Page 9
"Lunch" Page 10
"YouTube" Page 11
"Me llamo" Page 12
"The Story of Johnny" Page 13
"Awesome" Page 14
"The Longest Poem Ever to Grace Illogicopedia" Page 15
"Inspiration" Page 16
"Advice" Page 18
"The Current Temperature in Auckland, New Zealand" Page 19
"Door Ajar" Page 20
"Everything & Nothing (Green)" Page 21
"Affect the Effect (Much to my Chagrin)" Page 22
"A Gulf" Page 23
"Maybe a Poem" Page 24
"Frunobulax Poop" Page 25
"Love Letter from a Strange Boyfriend" Page 26
"Me And My Uncle: The Star Trek Version" Page 27
"Failed Limerick" Page 28
"Explosive Demon Goat" Page 29
"Um... a thing" Page 30
"The Thirty First of Pages (Untitled)" Page 31
"The Odd Song" Page 32
"No One Is Ever On IRC" Page 33
"IllogiFood: A Poem" Page 34
"Tracking The Wiki" Page 35
"Blow Me, Death" Page 36
"Bad poems" Page 37
"Definitly not the longest poem on ?pedia" Page 38