Illogic Poem Book/Page 38

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Of blatant nonsense, people here shall write;
Words of illogic prevail in this site.
Multitudes of cheese, stored within the vaults;
People sounding like they are on bath salts.

No need to worry; no one here will bite,
Unless you're here to insult and to fight.
So sit back, relax, enjoy our fine malts,
And feel free to dance to our crazy waltz.

We can't even explain that strange green light,
Or why we're all such an unearthly sight,
But do bear with us despite all our faults,
And make sure that production never halts.

But this isn't the longest poem on ?pedia,
And ill most certainly alert the media.
Poems that are teeny weeny are
Similar to this blasphemy fart.

'Cause if we had long poems,
Then guess what? Jerboas.
One of them will crap on this work.
Why? Because his a jerk.