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Snuffles' List of Illogical Drugs

  • Batmeth-a very strong drug of which the most prominent symptom is singing the "Batman" theme song over and over. It creates super vivid hallucinations and a temporary surge of strength. The only person able to survive it is illogical banana potato brony. Even I'M not that strong, and I'm bonkers.
  • Bat shit meth - made from bat guano ferts for marijuana grows. Causes horror at ingestion, disgusting eye clawing odor and lolly-gagging.
  • Tim Burton drugs-My personal favorite, it is not QUITE as powerful as batmeth, but pretty darn close. It's hallucinations either make you feel as if you're in one of Tim Burton's paintings, or that you're in Don't Starve. It just depends.
  • Dr. Seuss weed-This one is dangerous to take. It's not the fact that everything around you looks like it just walked out of "Green Eggs and Ham". It's that your hallucinations get...disturbing. Scar your mind disturbing. Seriously, don't take these.

Nautilus, let go of me. Why do you have a chainsaw? No...get that away from me...GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!