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the most wise
Leader Grand High Wise User Asema
Headquarters The Most Wise Church
Motto True Cosmos Knowledge
Founded Before Existence
Website Silly Mortal Internet

The Most Wise Cosmos Knowledge teaches of Several Teachings.

1. Sustenance. For Every Man There Must Be A Cat of Bread. The most Nutritious Tasty Meals of Cat Bread Are All Intended For Man and Man Must Have His Cat Bread. Forgo, Shun The McDonalds and Tasty Kentucky Fried Chicken, For They Are Evil. Know the One True Catbread.

2. Anime. For Every Man There Must Be An Out-Of-Factory Anime To Watch. The Conflict of Rivals and Swords And Ki Blasts are All But Stepping Stones to True Learning. Our Teachings Of Wisdom show that Anime contains Values of Friendship, Shared Fruit, and Knowledge of Ki Blasts, Tenants that Man, Cook, And Fighter Can Learn To Appreciate.

3. The Eating of Babies. Man Cannot Survive Without Babies. They are Lifeblood, To Drink. They Shall Be Reborn as True People, But You Must Eat The Baby. To do Otherwise is Evil and will Kill you.

4. Fatsuits. The Clerics Must Wear Fatsuits, And Men Must Bow Therebefore. The Fatsuit is A Holy Vehicle From Which Divine Powers Flow.