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After an article has been on VFF for long enough, the vote can be closed as either "featured" or "failed". Usually articles are featured if they have a total score of +3 or higher and failed if the score is lower. They can also be "queued" if they are ready to be featured but there is already a recent feature on the main page.

Use your own judgement as to how long "long enough" is. The oldest nominations should probably be closed first.

How to feature or fail an article[edit | edit source]

Votes are closed by adding the parameter |status= to the template {{VFH vote}} used on the voting page. Depending on how you want to close it, use one of the values featured, queued or failed.

To feature an article after closing:

  1. Add an excerpt from it to {{featured}}, replacing the previous one. This should be roughly one paragraph long. When you do this, also do the following:
    1. Put the article's name in the title field near the top of the template. It looks like this:

      |<!-- * TITLE:
      -->[[Article name]]

    2. Add a link to the previous featured article after "Recently featured" and remove the last link in the list
    3. Add an image from the article above the excerpt (optional but desired)
  2. Remove {{VFF}} from the article and add the feature template for the current year. For this year (2019), the template is {{Feature19}}.
  3. Add the article to Illogicopedia:Featured articles/Archive (addition to other pages is done automatically).