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It's true - Illogicopedia is officially tracking your browsing history.


When you first viewed the Main Page, you also signed an agreement giving Illogicopedia permission to install Xyz.Crack.Serial.Torrent.Keygen.Stalk.Cookie.Exploiter.sys32 - a tracking program designed by them to watch your every move whilst on-line.

Prove it.[edit]

OK then, Mr. Smart Guy, here's Illogicopedia's report on your browsing history:

Subject #4131: YOU

<3:00> Accessed - defaced some articles
<3:13> Accessed [name of pr0n site omitted, you pervert] - 
       watched 312 videos
<4:08> Accessed - viewed /b/ board and started 18 
       new memes
<4:33> Went off-line, possibly for sleep.
<12:17> Accessed - created 27 articles
<13:44> Accessed [name of pr0n site omitted, you pervert] - 
        chatted with 18 so-called "hawt blond 18y/o grlz wid 
        big bewbz whu wna cybr"
<14:21> Went off-line, reason unknown *ahem*fap*ahem*
<16:30> Accessed - 
        received advice from fellow nerd.
<17:09> Accessed - created 131 articles
<17:56> Accessed [name of pr0n site omitted, *ahem*redtube*ahem*] 
        - watched too many videos
<19:22> Went off-line for rest of day.

From this information, we have gathered that you are a pervert. 
You are also quite insane and are completely unafraid of shock content. 
You are also a rampant nerd.

Now do you believe me? Probably not. But maybe you do.