Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

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Does this look like the face of mercy?

At yesterday's crash of the R-Bus A380 in the Alps frongzösischen now ISIS has known. The organization had introduced a Salafist Salatfister as co-pilot. This could easily overwhelm the actual pilots by karate chop and toss out by judo grip from the cockpit. Because where previously only a curtain separated the passengers of the Sacred, so curious children can even look over the shoulder of the pilot, is since 9/11 a lockable from inside security door, which was recently retrofitted in this machine during a routine repair. For this reason, the locked-pilot tried in vain to enter the door to enter the cockpit again. The clang of steel door is heard on the tape recorder and the voice is reminiscent of the recent act of destruction of ISIS in a museum.

Women have to walk around in disguise in Islam After 9/11, the chicane controls in respect of passengers have been extended considerably, ostensibly to prevent any cavemen carpet knife on board smuggle. In reality, it is but a matter of making the passengers at the screening with gamma rays in the so-called "body scanners" barren to implement the eugenics of the Club of Rome. But that emanates from your own elevated aircrew terrorist threat, no one has taken into account. Even Angela Merkel must realize that the entire security concept Sucks Balls. One can no longer trust anyone these days just do not even Angela Merkel. In her part in Lojban, partly in Folkspraak written, buttered and getoasterten Confessor letter the former Boku Haram terrorists that they had let the machine flying in the rock massif to destroy the mountain. The mountain should be easy hinräuchern half an hour from lack of oxygen in front of him, and then collapse in a massive explosion almost in free fall after the impact of the machine. This was to provoke as brought about the attack on the Gleiwitz radio station of the NATO defense case and a new world war. Pierre Vogel had to take to his head and has been considered for a moment, one of his wives a Boku Halal T-Shirt sew leave. Then he stood in front of the camera and defended the actions of the ISIS in a hastily cut YouTube video in the choice of words naturally cautious in tone, so it can not piss on the carts of the prosecutor.

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Bad Translator, I enter phrase; "I like shorts; they are comfy and easy to wear."
37 languages come and go, soon we get: "These pants are (much) more comfortable".

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