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The ISIS is now known for the crash of the R-Bus A380 in the French Alps yesterday. The organization had a salafist salad fist as co-pilots. This could easily overpower the actual pilots by carat fights and kick out of the cockpit with Judogriff. Since in the past there was only one curtain separating the passengers from the sacred, so that curious children could look over the driver's shoulder, a safety door lockable from the inside has been installed since 9/11, which has also been retrofitted during a routine repair in this machine. For this reason, the locked pilot tried in vain to enter the door to enter the cockpit again.

Women must walk around in Islam After 9/11 the harassment controls were massively extended to passengers, allegedly to prevent any cavemen smuggling carpet knives on board. In reality, however, it is a matter of rendering the passengers sterile in gamma rays in the so-called "naked scanner" in order to implement the eugenics program of the Club of Rome. However, no one has taken into account the increased risk of terrorism. Even Angela Merkel must recognize that the complete safety concept is forn ass. You can not trust anybody these days, not even Angela Merkel. The ex-Boku-Haram terrorists declared in their Lojban, partly folk-language, embittered and toasted passages that the machine had been let fly into the rock mass in order to destroy the mountain. After the impact of the machine, the mountain should lightly smoke for half an hour under oxygen deficiency, then collapse in a huge explosion almost as a free fall. As a result of the attack on the transmitter Gleiwitz, the NATO defense case was to be launched and a new world war was to be provoked. Pierre Vogel had to hold his head and for a moment thought to have one of his women sew a Boku halal t-shirt.

Isn't that so much more accurate?