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“An AWESOME and VERY talented young man he is. I hope he goes far in his life!”

~ Bill Murray on Jaeden Martell

Jaeden Wesley Martell (formerly known as Jaeden Lieberher) (born on January 4th, 2003), is an American teen actor, best known for playing Billy Bob Thornton Boy Denbrough in the two newest IT movie remakes. He also portrayed some random kid in 2016's, "The Confirmation", and Henry in, "the Bible Bashing of Henry". He's also very good friends with Bill Murray.

He also has the face of David Bowie's and a Caucasian angelic figurine.

He's also partly Asian and Jewish.


Martell was born in Japan to two aliens from Venus. It doesn't matter, though. At least he's not actually EVIL like Mr. Brandon Breyer A.K.A. Brightburn is. He grew up somewhere in Pennsylvania.

He currently lives in Mexifornia, U.S.A.

Glue sniffing addiction[edit]

Starting in January of 2018, Martell started to sniff glue as a part of his daily routine. He still has this problem. Ugh, goddammit Roger Ebert!

His parents are currently giving him Aphex Twin and Amphrax to try to cure his deadly addiction.





Jack Dylan Grazer was here, bitches!

The Fools[edit]

He's not a fool, but he's not necessarily too smart either.