Jam balls

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

<Hindleyite>     Yo yo yo
<Hindleyite>     How are you gene lovers faring?
<Tori_Belliachi> Genes eeeh?
<Hindleyite>     Levis
<SomeWHATno2>    i am faring well
<Hindleyite>     good
<Hindleyite>     I can see there's a whole lotta dunkin goin on here
<Tori_Belliachi> I just got salmon in my keyboard...
<Hindleyite>     Salmon moose?
<Tori_Belliachi> Maybe, I need a big keyboard for my fat fingers
<SomeWHATno2>    duncan?
<Hindleyite>     Duncan doughnuts
<SomeWHATno2>    TReich is a donut
<Hindleyite>     Really? I thought he was a pair of testicles
<Tori_Belliachi> Correction! Pair of tasty testicles!
<Hindleyite>     Donut testicles
<Tori_Belliachi> With or without creme?
<Hindleyite>     jan please
<Hindleyite>     *jam
<Tori_Belliachi>  How exotic
<Hindleyite>	   How erotic
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<Hindleyite>     Seppster
<SomeWHATno2>	   hey Seppy
<SomeWHATno2>    we were just talking about delicious testicles with jam
<SilentPenguin>  hey Hindleyite :D
<SilentPenguin>  i see
<Hindleyite>     But you wish you didn't