Jeremy Farbleum Arche

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This is the story of a young Illogicopedian lad who had the misfortune of being named Jeremy Farbleum Arche, who would later become the biggest idiot spirit animal of the Illogian race. His mom, ATM, was a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and his dad Mingo was gremlin. They got pregnant by accident when his mom ingested irradiated saddle soap tasting gravy made from lint. Unable to support a child, Mingo enrolled in an American for-profit technical college. He was able to get work as a translator at the United Nations.

Jeremy was born with 68 functioning eyes of different sizes, shapes and colors. His brother Zippo bought him an iguana with 104 eyebrows so he might not feel like such a freak. They called it Bill and made tutus for it to wear on weekends.

Mama ATM ran the household with a felt tipped pen. Nobody is sure what that means. Jeremy also had two younger sisters, one of whom was born twice in the same week. The twice born girl was named Snap Top, and her sister older by 4 years was called Silencia. In their thirties, they formed a corporation to service wealthy fishmongers in their stereotypical.

Stereotypical what?

Nobody even seems to know.

All that is known is that Jeremy became a god, because his eyes made it possible to see what was going on at the doctor's office in Kyrgyzstan.

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