Jimmy Eat World

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Jimmy eat world!

World sit on Jimmy!

Mars put tack on Jimmy head first!

Jupiter collapse on itself, eat Mars!

Jimmy collapse on Jupiter, eat Jupiter!

Ouroboros uncollapse on self, smack Jimmy with tail!

World wrap Ouroboros round Saturn, not your fight!

Saturn frisbee ring at world, I no want donutt!

Jimmy eat ring-donutt!

Saturn shove lizard donut in Jimmy mouth!

World squeeze Venus round Saturn, you have ring now go away!

Saturn orbit away now...

Venus get mad, snap off Saturn and crash into world real fast!

Jimmy laugh, throw Mercury at world too!

World get mercury poisoning, throw Neptune at Jimmy!

Jimmy laugh harder, throw Uranus at world, laugh harder!

World get flustered, throw sun at Jimmy!

Sun get closer to Pluto, Pluto cry tears of joy to be a real planet now! Pluto cry all water out and become pebble, orbit too fast and hit Saturn in teh keister.

Saturn mad, throw Pluto at pranking Jimmy!

Pluto eat Jimmy!

God get mad, son Jimmy gone! God make universe disappear!


God make universe reappear, hope it learn it's lesson.

Universe confused...

Pauly Shore especially confused... Pauly Shore also hungry...

World steal Pauly Shore sandwich!

Pauly Shore sandwich eat universe!