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What too much knowledge can do to you

Knowledge is a very rare Spanish sandwich, only found in Columbia. There have been many expeditions by British people to find it but to no avail.


That's what they want you to think. Knowledge is actually a deadly Soviet plot to destroy us all. Remember when they did super massive genocide? No? Well, they did, and now they are trying to poison young minds with what they call "knowledge". Knowledge is actually a breed of hamster, no, wait, it looks like a rabbit. If you squint a little.

What is knowledge? It's hard to say. Scientists such as GI Joe say that knowledge is some kind of ledge that you step on, or that it's some part of a physical conflict. I know that knowledge, for instance, is also a type of cabbage, consumed by the aforementioned knowledgaeus legomorpha (the type of hamster-rabbit-thing also known as knowledge). But did you? No, of course you did not, because they are trying to keep knowledge away from you.

The True Identity of Knowledge[edit]

Ignore all this conspiracy theory hogwash, young one, and listen to what I have to say. Knowledge is a great resource, which all sound minds are able to tap into through accumulating it. Like the sea, the air, good food, or warmth, it is a resource -- but unlike those, it is infinite, as everlasting as the mind. Therefore, knowledge is power.

Note: Knowledge will not stop schoolyard bullies from taking your lunch money[edit]

That guy up there has it all wrong. What happened to me during recess proves it. Knowledge is nothing but a lie. The only thing that matters is how mean and how tough you are, how many black T-shirts with skulls on them your parents bought you, and whether or not you have a set of really punchable glasses. I have failed on all of these counts, in attempting to get this knowledge! Do not fall into the same trap that I did!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read comic books, watch documentaries, eat Pocky, and other assorted things, activities of such greatness that your feeble mind doubtlessly cares not for, nor can it comprehend!

But getting back to sandwiches[edit]

They're pretty tasty. A sandwich is to the mouth as birds are to the sky and yet each and every sandwich, like each and every bird, is unique.

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