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“Spain is Spanish”

~ Dude

“My uncle thought that too.... see how far that got him.”

Spanish is the official language of the country S.Pan, spoken by over a brazillion people. Admittedly, most of them are dead. Ooh, didn't see that coming, did ya? Well, it's pretty obvious, if you think that even the vast majority of people who have ever spoken English are long consigned to a box in the ground.

The Spanish language is characterised by silly phrases such as 'Achris Waddle' and 'scorchio', at least if The Fast Show is anything to go by, which it is.

¿Que lo dices?[edit | edit source]

¡Estos gringos saben nada de la lengua española! ¿Creen que tienen derecho a burlarse de nosotros cuando tratamos de hablar su idioma Inglés? Ellos deben verse a sí mismos cuando intentan hablar nuestro idioma.