LSD can make adam cry

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Adam!Adam! You forgot your hat which found your centipede.Your obese centipede. Please die. Go back to the void. You have given me so much bacon.


You need more alcohol. Insufficient funds. Insufficient funds. Insufficient funds. Give me how the government have arranged your funeral on the 0th of zanzibar. In other words your pancake has been swiss cheese'd. Ramble around the Bramble. Your world is dead.

ApPlE mAn[edit]

Q:Of course. A:Give me all your money!

On the subject of bacon[edit]

Bacon has effects on you. It turns you into a gluttonous little klepto. Please join our campaign to boycott bacon. In memory of yuffh.

Stop laughing to yourself[edit]

She hectored.


Don't you realise? Things are happening backwards. You can fly. Stop it. Stop it all. Any minute now she will come back to life.Gluttonous little klepto.

How can I stop laughing[edit]

when it is all so fun?

Bloomin' dragon[edit]

Have troubles moving and breathing? Eat our //////////////////////////////////. Go back to the void, Adam. Beep Beep Lettuce shall lead the way. AppleAppleAppleApple. Klepto. There is evidence! Look at your mouth it is covered in chocolate.