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“'Gracious!' exclaimed Mrs Snip, 'and is there a place where people venture to live above ground?' 'I never heard of people living under ground,' replied Tim, 'before I came to Giant-Land'. 'Came to Giant-Land!' cried Mrs Snip, 'why, isn't everywhere Giant-Land?'”

~ Roland Quizz, "Giant-Land", chapter xxxii.

Land is a handy-dandy suffix you can attach to almost any word (noun or verb, it doesn't matter!) to describe/create a place! This rule almost never fails to apply. Even when there is no actual land, (as in Underwater Land) it still holds true.

For example, Fruit Land is a place where there are lots of fruits!! Candy Land is a land where candy people live! Land Land is a land where there is lots of land, which doubles as Realtor Heaven. :)

The discovery that it's possible to name everywhere by naming something that the place has alot of and adding the word "Land" was probably made by a group of Icelandic children in the year "Once Upon a Time".

I was raised up believing, I was somehow unique. I was raised up on my own and I was deflated to see that a world without me carries on. Accelerating more and more. Thus, mass is the equivalent of tissue and gravity of languid fireplaces in the autumn.

In formula, P does not equal 4.

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