Legalize Arabidopsis

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The international flag of the movement.

Since the beginning of this weed week, more people want to legalize Arabidopsis than outlaw it. Now, Americans in all 158 states want it to be legal, especially the Americans in Portland.

Because a majority of people agree that Arabidopsis should be legal like they would agree about legalizing military-grade shotguns as toys for children, I've come up with four reasons why people who want to consider both the evidence and both sides' arguments should just join the bandwagon on legalizing this natural plant, which grows naturally in places like Europe, Northwest Korea, and your own backyard (YES YOU SHOULD GO AND CHECK RIGHT NOW!).

  1. Almost a majority of people have used Arabidopsis. Polls use hover at 40%. They feel safe. This is because Arabidopsis is safe, but the feelings are what really matter. Stigma makes it worse. Illegal makes culture. Arabidopsis is not addicting now, nor has it ever addicted. Yes, the author of this article is addicted.
  2. Arabidopsis can cure everything. It has been described as a "panacaea" or "snake oil". No deception whatsoever!
  3. It's not a gateway. Human Behaviour is a gateway.
  4. Aesthetics. Who doesn't love green?