Lesser known HTML tags

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Following is a list of uncommon HTML tags. They were coded into version 5 but forgotten about, like an old cat [sic] at the back of the cupboard.

Tag and usage example Function
<fhp> A large boxing glove comes out of the screen and wallops you one (stands for freakin' huge punch).
<meta name = "nigerian"> Lists your site in the Nigerian Scammers Directory (c)
<bt>It's good to talk</bt> Contacts the phone company.
<virus>Downloading deadly virus</virus> Pretty self explanatory, really. Could be used to infect the computer of anyone who visited the site. Still used by NASA and the American Presidential sites, so don't go there!
<cheesebutty>Yum</cheesebutty> Makes cheddar sandwich, served via the floppy disc drive and CD ROM tray. Yummy.
<botalic>Hello</botalic> Utilises the hidden 'botalic' typeset. Only available on BBC Micro or earlier, contains special characters such as .
<sup>Dude</sup> Used to greet the browser. "Sup?" "Sup."
<nowii>No!</nowii> Remove user's Nintendo Wii
<zig>Take off every</zig> Unlock secret HTML version of the classic Mega Drive game Zero Wing.