Marc Anthony Thompson

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“I met him in a taffy shop in Canada.”

~ Beck on Marc Anthony Thompson

Marc Anthony Thompson (born in 1857) is a Canadian and black panther waiting to prey on his victims. He's also a funk, soft rock, and avant garde jazz musician as well.

Eating habits[edit]

He isn't a purple people eater. But is is SO FINE AND OUT OF MIND! when it comes to eating "regular" people and human beings.


This is the only food that he eats that isn't a human being. He loves the hot and buttery flavors and fluffiness of it!

Singing career[edit]

After barfing out actor David Mazouz's insides, he sang a song known as, "Blue With Me" on Warner Bros. Records in 1984. A delicious delight! He also had a song called, "SO FINE!", which peaked at No. 774 on the Billboard Charts in 1584.