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Math Test, Chapter 15

Question 1: Solve: Ba + Na²

A. 3
C. Banana
D. Maorf?

Question 2: Who? + What?

A. An inquisitive person
B. Wait, wut?
C. How?
D. Maorf?

Question 3: Maorf?

A. ...and this is math how?
B. I don't geddit.
C. Who?
D. Maorf?

Question 4: Testostereich + vandal =

B. Banhamma!
C. ...all in a day's work...
D. Maorf?

Question 5: Silent Penguin + A voice =

A. An un-silent penguin
B. A loud admin.
C. Sign of the apocalypse
D. Maorf?

Question 6: Beer + Two Guys =

A. One messed up night
C. That answer was mean!
D. Maorf?

Question 7: 1 + 1

A. 2!
B. No silly! 11!
C. Fish...
D. Maorf?

Question 8: T3canolis + Readmesoon

A. A guaranteed feature!
B. Phail.
C. Two terrible writers
D. Maorf?

Question 9: MrMetalFLower²

A. Uh-oh
B. Butt buddies!
C. Identical adminz
D. Maorf?

Question 10: How many questions were on this test?

A. Maorf?
B. Maorf?
C. Maorf?
D. You thought I was gonna say Maorf?.

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