Not Gay

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American Jesus is decidedly not gay. Nor are his minions.

“Farts do not counter the mega-slam, or else.”

~ Anonymous Japanese animator on being reborn in the blood of Jesus

It's not as though you were all set to sign off, was it? I mean, you could have told me there were lemurs living in the walls, right? But no, there was no sign of spoor or offal in the basement, so you just assumed there were no other primates dwelling in our soon-to-be dwelling.

Grappling with these moral issues can be tiresome, and so, may I recommend one of those sports drinks? I'll have an espresso and call it a day. Time to get back to the feed lot, put the Vikings to bed. By now, my wives will have prepared the cranberry juice for the Great Spectacle. I've invited a busload of Rastas this time. I won't inhale their harsh ganja, though.