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Field tests.

The sport of Nuke-Em is an unpopular sport that should not be confused with that other sport that sounds similar. The International Olympic Committee is trying to add this sport to future Olympics. The basis is for countries to fire nuclear missiles at each other. The game is decided by whatever country has the least deformed babies at the end.[1] This sport has only been played once with the U.S beating Japan 40,000 to zero. Matches of Nuke-Em last several months and even years. They are still testing the results of 4-way free-for-all in matches by firing M-80's at different Canadian islands. The IOC is planning to get Nuke-Em into the 2012 because that will kill the English.[2] If they cannot get in to the 2012 Olympics they will aim for 2020, because 2016 may be in the U.S. and everyone knows that the IOC is the U.S' bitch. So, gather up some friends and play a nice game of Nuke-Em

  1. Sick mind...