Oh shit, everything's out to get me

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Shit! Things like Satan, death, cyanide, potassium carbonate, sodium dioxide, hydrocarbon monoxide, dihydrogen bicarbonate, bicarbonate of soda, hydrogen sodium potassium calcium fluorine chlorine helium francium curium argon oxygen einsteinium plutonium chloride scandium lithum beryllium magnesium strontium rubidium cesium barium radium yttrium vanadium Chuck Norris Bob Saget AAAAAAAA! Fisher Price, noobs, nooobs noooobs, the New World Order, New Order, Socialism, Barack Hussein Obama, Don McClean, American Pie, Chevrolet, Pontifex II, Chronic Logic, YouTube, Zack Scott, kvoii, PHIL917, DeathRaider, elimin8r, binary code, conspiracy therorists, McDonalds, Franz Ferdinand, Liberapedia, Kanye West, Cajek, Soulja Boy, Flying pigs, The Clash, people who think it's not kosher, people who fundamentally can't take it, people who know he really hates it!, armadillos, Your Mother, Cliches, alt codes not working, Men At Work, free Viagra, Jake, that Dryden guy, Dirk (who?), The pigs is not kosher!, The ogre by the temple, they really pack him in!, EnlargeY0urP3n1s!!!, the Teton Dam collapse, extreme wingnuttery, omg, wtf, bbq, Now, it's, The, Fray, with, How, to, Save, a, Life, You say, we need a dog, lalala, RationalWiki, my damn brother, and not kosher. It's not kosher... I thinks its not kosher!!!!