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"Chocolate Bear!" Screamed Jon, ready to embrace his best friend with some first-rate homey love.

"Hey, Jon do you want to sit down, this might come as some surprise." KC had a look in his eye that Jon only saw when something serious had happened. "Sorry that I'm the one who had to tell you this, we've all known it for a while but no one else could bear saying it to you. Jon, there's no easy way to say this, but your girlfriend has been cheating on you."

Jon dropped the phone. He couldn't move. His hands had stopped working, his gaze was fixed and his heart had stopped beating. All he could feel was this looming pain, towering over him like a giant wave, just about to crash down and consume him. He was a tiny little mouse in front of a hungry python. Staggering, he fell into a chair. The familiar rhythm coming back to his chest, each beat sharpening the pain and forcing him to imagine it with more detail. Tears were begining to roll down his face. The wave was crashing down on him, and he could feel his heart tearing in two, shattered beyond repair. He couldn't go on, he couldn't get up. He was paralysed by pain, unable to move. The walls mocked him, shadows circling him as they silently cast their judgement. This was it, the end, the final curtain, and the grave digger had killed him with the shovel. All was black.

And then came the anger, running through his veins like a poison, the course rich blood boiling into the centre of his skull. He wanted to hurt. He wanted to kill. He NEEDED to kill. People were responsible, and they had to pay. For every ounce of pain he was enduring he would pay back, she couldn't cheat if she didn't have a head! He was going to have to show her who was boss.

Without realising it he was already back on his feet, instinctively groping around the sock draw for his gun. A sick smile came across his face, because he knew that soon, when he was floating her dismembered corpse down the river things would be all alright again. Just like before. No one would laugh at him, or judge him this time, he was going to set things right. He'd make it look like an accident. It'd be like killing on an animal, she was the bug and he was the shoe. He could do this.

"Naw," His friend laughed patting him on the shoulder. "Look at your face, it's a fucking picture. Don't worry I'm just playing with you man. It's your anniversary tomorrow, you've gotta propose dawg!"


Jon dropped the gun.

"Wait, you were actually going to kill her weren't you?"

"Hey uhh, ..me? I'd never do anything like that ....most of the time."

"You were I can tell it! Jon man, that is not cool."

"Hey uhh well, you know I was just.. do you really think I should propose?"