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A pillow is that nice soft thing that you lay your head upon when you go to sleep or when you just wanna take a rest, or daydream, or do nothing. You can use it in the nighttime, in the daytime, and in the meantime (not really the time that is mean), whenever it is that you get the urge for a pillow.


A pillow can be filled with feathers or foam. It comes almost in every color and pattern. The designs are various and the choice is solely yours to make. Never let anyone talk you into getting a certain pillow. A pillow is a very private and personal possession. It could be most likely one of the Top 100 most intimate things you'll ever own, so make sure that you make the right decision. Always go with your own instincts.

My friend the pillow[edit]

My pillow is one of the luckiest things on the planet because it gets to sleep with me every night. Yours isn't as lucky because it has to caress your face instead of mine. Your pillow would choose to be my pillow if given the chance. But don't hold it against it, every pillow would.

Try finding us now, fools! We have camouflage...
My camouflage is clearly more effective. Ooouugoughguhggh.

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