Plz dont flame!

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Oh noes! ur gonna flame meh! well plz dont flame coz if u do ill flame u back nd we will both be bannzorzed!

cant we work dis out together? i dont wanna be abused on tis cewl webbysite. dis website meanz alot to me.

oh cmon man flaming iz so uncewl. im sry about wot i said about teh jews okay. its not dat i mean wot i said. im jst a smal-minded bigot with no life, so plz dont flame!

plz dont be uncewl. lol u smellie rotten jew!

5 minutes later[edit]

Silent Penguin (Talk | contribs) gave a Chinese Burn to User:Anti-Semite (contribs) that will sting for at least infinite (Moronic hate-spreader)