Poetry thru the agers

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You are reading Poetry thru the agers,[edit]

A book which is crap but with not many pages,[edit]

If you disagree with the content of this,[edit]

Ill make you eat Uncyc and f*** loads of my p***.[edit]

WOW! Headline text poems! They sure beat toast on cheese!

The greatest invention since sporks! Though sporks are damn good. Im a level 30 spork warrior feel my POWAR!!! WATCH ME EAT NOODLES AND CAKE AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Mmmmmm... noodle cake.

Noodle Cake![edit]

NA NA na na na na na na NA NA na na na na na na NooOdLE CaKE!!

Now lets spin the board!

Refer to theses pages if you really must,[edit]

Id rather be satisfying my need for lust.[edit]

Thats it.