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Ya might have been looking fer Illogicopedia:Policy

The unofficial policy of Illogicopedia. Don't tell the admins.

Editing[edit | edit source]

Enythin u want aslong az itz porly witten and funy and of cours doesnt make sense we love one liners and sillyness

Deletions[edit | edit source]

If your page is marked for death (deletion) it WILL be deleted, fo sho. Bitchin' about it will get u pissed on (blocked) if you see an artichoke you think is crap put trash in between two indents {{}} at the top of the page. Then, get trashed homeboy!

Vandalism[edit | edit source]

Vandalizing pages will get you a permablock indefinite block types of vandalism deleting pages writing sensible artichokes corrotin spelling.

Sorry, I went a bit mad there. Woop.

Sooty and Sweep (sockpuppets)[edit | edit source]

“Sockpuppets are jerks and will get a permablock thay are also retarded cuz they cant understand wikia rulz death to sockpupateers.”

~ on Seppster, after 10 pints of Stella