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Pooop is not to be confused with poop. Poop is green, smells like poo and comes out of bums, but pooop is pink, smells like rotten perfume and comes out of mouths. Pooop and poop are also not to be confused with poo, which is something so entirely different from anything you've ever known that trying to explain it here would be retarded.

Uncyclopedia admins are made out of pooop. This is because they live on the moon and the moon is made of poop and poooop which fuse to create pooop, and the admins live on moon dirt. They do however supplement their diet with freshly caught ordinary users when they can get an excuse to get hold of a nice tasty one. Regular users are not made out of poop, pooop or poooop which makes them really very exciting to eat. Admins are rarely allowed to have fun as is commonly known by everyone who has ever tried being one or crossing the path of one. If you cross them bad enough they lash out like a flaring sun and then you're cooked real nice.

Some of the admins have claimed to be made out of poop but this is utter lies designed to trick you into falling into their wolf traps and turning into a wolf, or possibly a mouse. There are no admins made out of poop except for one of them who is also made out of nuclear waste barf mixed with magic farts and purple mushrooms. She's bad news. If you see her coming, head the other way, even if it means running into a brick wall and bleeding to death from the resulting injuries.

Now go away so I can use your toilet.