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Popcornium is the first, and most important corn. Popcornium is a core element of films. For instance, in many films, they have had product placement for this element, which is only available at public doghouses in the South Berlin area.

Buying Popcornium[edit]

It's highly illegal, some referring to it, as the 'Opium Wars of 2020'.

For instance, one man was caught at a 67th-floor inconvenience store, buying 20 grams for $40. He was then caught by the public police, because they found his remains in a public square, and somehow tried to logically reason how a dead person could buy illegal drugs/elements.

'But it teaches you about science!' was his reaction.

Not to be confused with Popocornium which is the final ingredient in the Great Recipe of Corns (like Actinides in the real world).

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