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This friendly fellow is here to ask you if you have a problem. How thoughtful of him!
Zomg, it's... not-bigfoot...-massivefoot!

Somethin' heavy's going down...


Feel my breath. Go on I dare yer. Snot possible. U FELL 4 IT!! ARRRGGH HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHHAH AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHO$FNRFN$)R)RUbRFnurdle obsug54ngE94! Spot the blob. NOOOWWWWAH!

A problem is something that requires some thought to do something in order to improve or fix something or to fix the improvimentation of said example of a problem as such. Like for example:

  • This article
  • What, was the last example not enough for you?! Well, suck it up, you fat idiot! We haven't got anymore!