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This page is real.

No, really.

I can prove it. See? It has text and categories and the banana thingy and EVERYTHING!

This page has everything. In the whole wide world.[edit]

This page has a jacuzzi and its own private jet. In fact, it's flying around the world right now. It will see you later.


This page is back, and is absolutely determined to convince you that it's real. You better believe it. I mean, this page has feelings. It'll be really upset if you tell it it isn't real. And don't tell me that this page doesn't have a life. This page does too have a life. In fact, this page has a girlfriend.

This page's girlfriend[edit]

This page's girlfriend has blonde hair and blue eyes. This page's girlfriend likes to pretend that she's from France, but this page knows the dark, dark truth. This page's girlfriend is from the Internet. In fact, she is the page Reality on this very site. See? A real girlfriend. This page is real.