Richard Branston

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Flag of Branston's overseas territory, the Virgin Islands.

Richard Branston likes bran....... ston. Pickle!

Everything is average nowadays, particularly hot air balloons and Branston Pickle, which, by the way, contains 100% Richard Branston extract. The man is also trying to fly people into space for the sole intent on killing them and perhaps eating their children.

The Fun Police[edit]

Branston has a notorious history with the Fun Police. Due to Branston's exceedingly fun nature, the Fun Police have declared him their nemesis, and often have epic battles with him. These usually leave entire cities in ruin. Some critics of the Fun Police claim these battles appear too "frivolous" and "enjoyable." Branston himself has gone on record to say that he enjoys the frequent battles with the Fun Police, saying they give him a "break from the constant lifestyle of swimming in pools of money and having sex with women." The Fun Police have been working diligently to find a less fun way to defeat Branston.

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