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This is a rock. Dont think so, eh?

A rock is something that is hard and will never crack open, a bit like gods underpants.

This is a rock[edit | edit source]


That was a rock in word form. thankew.

rocks and their owners[edit | edit source]

Some crazy Retards think that rocks look like their owners. I dont think so though. Anyway you spell owners like this: pwners.

How rocks communicate with eachother[edit | edit source]

Like this...

Goobledee doodlebee gopoboboly floober

and like so...

umper urklew flurkle purple berry


REPUBLICAN PROPAGANDA Oh shit! Pretend you didnt hear that one! Hehehehehehe.

When rocks met yer mother[edit | edit source]

It was funny. I larfed so loud my penis shaped balloon burst open in a torrent of Random crap.