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The Rubik's Cube is actually a sphere that belong to a fellow by the name of William "I'm a stupid Ukrainian" Rubik, the inventor of the not challenging puzzle. He later went on to mass produce a ripped of version of Billy's Cube that was twice as expensive for a literal brick of a puzzle.

History of the Cube[edit]

A cube. Look at it.

The Cube was actually created by Billy, an extremely hot and amazing person, up there. He was mocked for having to sit down when he peed as a child and promptly made the chocolate chip cookie. Discovering what an inventor he had become, he decided to make a thing with colors that is twisty and pretty. After many designs of flawed things, Bill finally got drunk and made the Rubik's Cube. It became wildly popular but Bill didn't, later being murdered by a murder of crows. HAHAHA!

The Rubik's Cube has been said to have bee the most difficult puzzle of all time. You would believe that if you believed that wood can burn. The Rubik's Cube is by far the easiest puzzle on the planet, all it requires is eleventy-billion twists and twenty days of tedious work before you can actually solve it.

How to Solve It[edit]

Solving the cube is quite an easy task. All you have to do is follow these two simple steps and wallah! Your cube is solved.

  1. Mix up the cube
  2. Align all of the colors
  3. Brag to all none of your friends

Now, solving the Rubik's Cube will be an easy task for you if you have had trouble. Being able to solve the Cube will impress your dim-witted friends because they are so dumb that they cannot solve the simple puzzle. I do not know how they cannot possibly follow those steps and still be confused!

Rubik's Cube Today[edit]


Nowadays there are super freaky geeks who are so obsessed with the Rubik's Cube that they try to solve the thing while blind-folded or even with their feet (Seriously, at least wear socks. That's just... gross) . Not as though it is difficult, but still, who likes the thing that much? People like this often set out to lubricate and pimp-out their cubes. seriously, get a life!