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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

SilentPenguin	pokes helloolleh
<SilentPenguin>	Oh, god, i've killed him
SilentPenguin	digs a hole
HelloolleH	helps dig
<HelloolleH>	why are we digging this hole? 
                why are you chiselling my name onto that 
                gravestone shaped rock?
<SilentPenguin>	dunno
SilentPenguin	rolls eyes
<HelloolleH>	why are you holding that brick as if to 
                suggest you were about to bring it down on 
                my head with considerable force?
SilentPenguin	Bricks helloolleh and leaves him in the shallow grave
HelloolleH	gets up and cries
<HelloolleH>	if your gunna kill me at least kill me...
                Jeez, cant get the staff these days