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Saint 1: Ah, so it seems to be that we're in heaven, hmmm...

Saint 2: ...yeah. Soooooooo, what's your name pard'ner?

Saint 1: Well, my name's Eileen Toofar. In case you were interested I died because I fell from a broken railing.

Saint 2: Okay i get it now, sooooooooooooo, hand me your money. '*pulls out a knife*

**God has entered IRC#Heaven(-<<mod:operator-GodServ/>>)
**God appears and takes Saint 2 away to hell.

Saint 1: Now that was weird.

**(Some time passes)

Saint 1: For Heaven, this is pretty lame. Now what shall i do...

He saw a large round ball in the middle of the cloud.

Saint 1: Oh heavens! A ball to play with, woop! (those of you with sick minds should be satisfied by the double meaning, and the couble meaning of satisfied too, and the doublepenetration meaning of, ....wait).

Ball: (thinking) Gah! I don't like the look of that human, they never have any regard for pacifism towards their balls. I still can't get Wembley out of my mind, it's just too painful, better leg it.

Saint 1: Awwww, ...guess I could always masturbate.

...and that's why Scrooge only pretended to be nice so he could get Tiny Tim to take out a huge life insurane policy. Framing Bob Cratchett had been the masterstorke, now Scroogey baby was 10 G's better off, and had a three year sponsorship deal with Grumpy Old Men. All was well.

Work the rest of the story out for yourself. Its up to your imagination............