Sajiri Tyatoshi (or something like that)

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“Yu spert-o mai name-u wrong-u!”

~ Satoshi Tajiri to Illogicopedia

“He says you spelt his name wrong.”

~ Satoshi Tajiri's translator to Illogicopedia

You guys remember Sajiri Tyatoshi? Or something like that, I forgot his name.

You guys remember him though? Man, was he weird. He used to work in our office, pushing around one of those carts with packages or scissors on it that came from nowhere and served no purpose but to be pushed around by someone with less purpose. He scared the shit out of me.

No, seriously guys. He walked up to me one day and said something like "Can I have a cookie?" because it was my birthday and I had cookies. And shit just started pouring out of my butt at breakneck speed, guys! Mother of God that was scary!