Salt burns orange

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NaCl flame colour1.JPG

In the sky and on the ground
Can't you hear the flowers singing
Floating on the summer air
Falling softly like the snow?

Underneath the orange clouds
Can't you hear the dumbbells ringing
Like the light from deeper holes
Where the rabbits never go?

Salt burns orange, salt burns blue
Salt burns purple just for you
Salt burns green and yellow too
There is nothing it won't do.

Now that all the leaves have fallen
And the sun has gone away
Wind blows sounds that suffer darkly
Through the light that shines so pale.

Leaves are green and turning yellow
They'll be here again some day
But the trees are ever rising
Toward the stars that loudly wail.

Salt burns pink, salt burns red
Salt burns brown inside your head
You will see it when you're dead
As the demons eat your bed.

Trees are leafless, they are dying
On the road that was not taken
They glow white in total darkness
As the sun shines ever green.

Salt is burning in the forest
On the branches that awaken
When the sky is cracking open
And the clouds remain unseen.

Salt burns white, salt burns black
Salt burns grey behind your back
Your reality will crack
When they put you in the sack.

In the forest deep and dark
Can't you hear the birds are calling
As the fire rages onward
To the sky so pure and blue?

On the brightest length of day
Now the death and ash are falling
Wood is burning multicoloured
Flames of every different hue.

Salt burns happy, salt burns sad
Salt can sometimes drive you mad
It can be quite good or bad
But it never does burn blue!