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Sentience is the state of having devolved enough brain cells to be classified as a human being, or any shit that lives and breaths with a similar intelligence. Such creatures are not to be trusted, so set them on fire, even yourself. Many sentient beings are gifted with the ability of abstract thought, and self awareness. Most humans celebrate this by wasting all of that cognitive power on stupid Youtube cat videos, providing an excellent counter argument to the claim of sentience.

Common Sentient life Forms[edit | edit source]

  • humans (every once in a while)
  • [[Cthulhu}}
  • Robot Steve Jobs
  • multi-dimensional quesadillas
  • Band geeks
  • Spock (debated)

Commonly Mistaken for sentient life forms[edit | edit source]

  • Donald Trump
  • Donald Drumph
  • your mom
  • dolphines (they are actually smarter than us)
  • politicians