Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

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Illogicopædia is a project tae big a randumb encyclopædia in mony leids. This Scots edeetion wis shapit on 12th Novelniver 2007. We hae 2,101 airticles the nou. There's 592 veesitors/uisers here the nou.

Spellin[edit | edit source]

Here at Illogicopaedia it's recommendit that fowk uises "tradeetional" pan-dialect spellins. Awtho thir isna sae strict as in English we ettle tae come up wi writin that's easy tae read an can be soondit bi readers in thair ain dialect. Ae thing tae mynd is that maist fowk that kens better disna uise the apologetic apostrophe onymair. Mair oot ower evyte slang in an encyclopaedia.

O coorse maist awbody haesna been teached siclike at the schuil but wi practice it shoudna be ower deeficult. A wheen resoorces is aboot that expounds on whit "tradeetional" spellins is an hou tae applee thaim in a conseestant mainer.

We ettle tae follae the wey set oot bi the Report an Recommends o the Scots Spellin Comatee, itherwise kent as the RRSSC.

Fowk that writes airticles but disna hae the Scots can eik the Template:Fixscots template or the Template:Translation template.

The Small Furry Animals[edit | edit source]

Chirp chirp meow chirp woof chirp meow meow.


The Cave[edit | edit source]

Yo! I'm a Cave!

YO! I'm a Cave!!

Pink Floyd[edit | edit source]

They supposedly wrote this song.