She will mess you up

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Madge the Hand Goddess has a legendary sense of humor.

Madge the Hand Goddess will mess you up. Serious. Keep your mitts off of her Palmolive dish-washing liquid or she'll put a fearsome hurting on you.

Where she comes from[edit]

She comes from show business people, you know? Show business people, as though that excuses her. Her nefarious ways are well known to initiates of such world-dominating groups as the Rosicrucians, the Bilderberg Group and Amway. We who know of Hungarian Notation, however, can probe the inner workings of her sick mind.

Blasphemy and consequences or Satan is such a big sissy[edit]

There are some who claim that she is blood relation to Anton Le Vey, founder of the Church of Satan. Fools! Isn't it obvious by now that even such a terrifying entity as Satan is but putty in the hands of Madge the Hand Goddess. Oh, and there have been those who have blasphemed and called her the handjob goddess behind her back. She has excellent hearing, and they are all now currently expired.