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Deer mister Bolton,

Am sawwy, but likkel stanly cannt com into skool 2day, bee cause his clogs ahve gone misseng. he will make sure the parrot is fed an dat the horses head makes it in dough. dough is stikky stuff, hurh hurh! its like a rock thats deeformd n can mould in2 enifin! just like flodder... flopper... flipper... erm. whats dat green stuff whitch robie williams makes?

The green stuff that robie williams makes[edit]

Flubber! dats da 1! i is good. see? i dunt need 2 cum in 2 skuwel neway, cos i know dat. yes will impres lods of ppl at intehviews dat. i is gonna be fiene. am gonna go to the shops latr and get those while things that cum in dose boxes n dey luk like spermz. n they make a bang noise when yu gfrow em on the flower.

Oh ya! I'm I'll![edit]

oooohh seer am not 2 wel. think ah shud give skuwel a misss toadoay.

yours faithfully,truthfully, honestly and very stupidly

Mr. Stanly

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