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“Quick The house is sinking! We need to get rid of some weight before it's too late! I'll start with the food in the fridge”

My dog ate me homework

I was...

  • Being controlled by evil zombies
  • Told by Batman to do it
  • Bored
  • Wanting a computer
  • Curious what jail is like
  • About to die but wanting to live life to the fullest
  • Not able to afford my own
  • Just borrowing
  • Framed by the other neighbors
  • not my fault!
  • It was her!
  • It was Him!
  • It was me!
  • Wanting to do volunteer work
The monkey made me do it!
  • Framed by my sister
  • Framed by Castro
  • Being payed money by the government to track my neighbor's internet activity
  • Sleeping in
  • Not able to stop my alarm clock from going off
  • On a sugar high
  • I went skydiving instead
  • Our house burnt down
  • i was riding my horse
  • I was rescuing my lost mum from the deep dark depths of the jungle.
  • Dared to do it by evil monkeys
  • Sick of homework
  • Killing time
  • NumberWang!
  • Er, in bed
  • Framed
  • Playing Gran Turismo
  • Dead
  • Only just hired. It's my first day.
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