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Exploding sim[edit | edit source]

First, get a sim to cook stuff, and then leave the stove on and get your sim to do something else. Then eat some crisps and then continue cooking. Your sim will suddenly explode. Cool, eh?

Stop paying bills[edit | edit source]

One day, go to your mailbox, and get your bills. Leave them on a table and don't pay them. That guy who takes your furniture will come, and when he comes, go to buy mode and sell all your furniture. He will suddenly disappear and you won't have to pay bills anymore.

Make a sim say XD[edit | edit source]

Open up the cheat box, and type XD. press enter. Then go to another sim and chat. While chatting, you will see the sim say XD!!!

Never age[edit | edit source]

When your sim is about to age, go to buy mode and delete him. He will be gone. Save and go to the neighbourhood, and then enter your house again. Your sim will have his age bar full, yet he doesn't look any different.

Take control of the grim reaper[edit | edit source]

Kill one of your sims. When the grim reaper comes, block his path with furniture. Then trap him. He will not leave. Go to the chat box and type: takecontrol It will ask who to take control of. Type: greaper

You will now be able to take control of the grim reaper, kill people or raise them easily.

Set a house on fire[edit | edit source]

Have 3 stoves. Make one of your sims start cooking on each of those stoves, then while cooking stop halfway. Buy a fire alarm and put it in that room. Now get your sim to finish cooking the 3 dishes. When he finishes cooking the third one, the house will suddenly blow up.

Make a ghost die[edit | edit source]

When a ghost enters your sim's home, type in the cheat box: all_nuke. EVERYONE IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD WILL BLOW UP, BUT AT LEAST THAT PESKY GHOST WILL BE GONE, AND THAT'S WHAT COUNTS......RIGHT?

Homer Sim-son[edit | edit source]

Turn your Sim into Homer by entering Simomer into the Cheat window. All Logic, Body and Mechanical points you gained previously will be removed, but cooking, will be raised to maximum. He will also never age, or read books, or get his ass off the couch. Only works on adults.

Turn your Sim into Stewie Griffin[edit | edit source]

Same thing, just enter Simstew into the Cheat window. Logic Skill will be maximized and he will try to kill whoever his mother was. Only works on toddlers.

Get Master Bates[edit | edit source]

Move your house to another neighbourhood and rename it as Da Halo House. When you play it, Master Chief will suddenly appear, he will also shoot all your sims and his speech balloon will have a picture of an Elite on it.

Get a helicopter to crash into your house[edit | edit source]

If your sim's carpool is a helicopter, go to the neighbourhood just before it leaves. Rotate your house, then rotate it back to where it was before. The helicopter will still be on its rotated position and will crash into your house.